Alt-Moses came down from the Mountain

You ever hear the story of Alt-Moses and how he came down the mountain with a list of God’s, or Nature’s God as some prefer, Commandments?

No?  Well it is worth hearing and relevant to us all.

Alt-Moses lived in an alternate universe just like ours, in fact it was an exact copy.  Moses led his people out of Egypt and wandered the desert for 40 years, etc, etc.  You know the story.  Everything was the same except for that one day when he went up the mountain and came back down.

In the alternate universe, Alt-Moses came back down the mountain with an army of Lawyers, Accountants, and Bureaucrats with hundreds of thousands of stone tablets.  He explained that God had sent him back down with 10,000+ Commandments so the people could live in harmony with each other.  No one knew exactly how many there were, there were arguments over what was a Commandment and what was a Regulation.

Yes, He sent down Regulations as well.  In addition to the 10,000+ Commandments, God saw fit to also include 300,000+ Regulations that allowed the people to make sure they were following the 10,000+ Commandments in a way that would make God pleased with them.

These Commandments and Regulations, of course, would require hundreds of thousands of experts to help make sure they were being followed properly.  So Alt-Moses went on to explain that God had also given him 70,000+ tablets to explain the Tithing System, which would be used to pay for all the Lawyers, Accountants, and Bureaucrats necessary to make sure the 10,000+ Commandments and 300,000+ Regulations were being followed properly.

Now the Tithing System was so complicated that God insisted the people pay a Tithe Expert to make sure they were Tithing correctly.  If you didn’t fill out your Tithe Tablet just right, God demanded a fine so it was wise to pay an expert to make sure you didn’t make God angry.

As the story goes, Alt-Moses finished his explanation of what he was doing up on the mountain and what God demanded, and he was feeling pretty good about it.  Well, the people pondered for a moment, then they dug a hole in the ground, buried Alt-Moses up to his neck and stoned him to death.

Folks, who in their right mind would come up with such a complicated system of Laws, Regulations, and Taxes in order to serve The Land of the Free?

I’ll tell you, a bunch of Rent Seeking Elites who get extremely rich by convincing their fellow citizens that they need hundreds of thousands of Laws, Regulations, and Taxes in order to live in Harmony with each other.

I beg to differ.  It seems to me that being forced to adhere to hundreds of thousands of Laws, Regulations, and Taxes causes Disharmony where none would otherwise exist.

It is time to face the Brutal Fact that we have been duped.  The Land of the Free is in reality the Land of Hundreds of Thousands of Laws, Regulations, and Taxes that prevent us from truly being Free and making the most of our limited time on this planet.

Where do we go from here?

  1. Admit we have a Problem
  2. Do Not Freak Out
  3. Start discussing ways to Peacefully get back on the Path to Peace and Prosperity.