Alt-Moses came down from the Mountain

You ever hear the story of Alt-Moses and how he came down the mountain with a list of God’s, or Nature’s God as some prefer, Commandments?

No?  Well it is worth hearing and relevant to us all.

Alt-Moses lived in an alternate universe just like ours, in fact it was an exact copy.  Moses led his people out of Egypt and wandered the desert for 40 years, etc, etc.  You know the story.  Everything was the same except for that one day when he went up the mountain and came back down.

In the alternate universe, Alt-Moses came back down the mountain with an army of Lawyers, Accountants, and Bureaucrats with hundreds of thousands of stone tablets.  He explained that God had sent him back down with 10,000+ Commandments so the people could live in harmony with each other.  No one knew exactly how many there were, there were arguments over what was a Commandment and what was a Regulation.

Yes, He sent down Regulations as well.  In addition to the 10,000+ Commandments, God saw fit to also include 300,000+ Regulations that allowed the people to make sure they were following the 10,000+ Commandments in a way that would make God pleased with them.

These Commandments and Regulations, of course, would require hundreds of thousands of experts to help make sure they were being followed properly.  So Alt-Moses went on to explain that God had also given him 70,000+ tablets to explain the Tithing System, which would be used to pay for all the Lawyers, Accountants, and Bureaucrats necessary to make sure the 10,000+ Commandments and 300,000+ Regulations were being followed properly.

Now the Tithing System was so complicated that God insisted the people pay a Tithe Expert to make sure they were Tithing correctly.  If you didn’t fill out your Tithe Tablet just right, God demanded a fine so it was wise to pay an expert to make sure you didn’t make God angry.

As the story goes, Alt-Moses finished his explanation of what he was doing up on the mountain and what God demanded, and he was feeling pretty good about it.  Well, the people pondered for a moment, then they dug a hole in the ground, buried Alt-Moses up to his neck and stoned him to death.

Folks, who in their right mind would come up with such a complicated system of Laws, Regulations, and Taxes in order to serve The Land of the Free?

I’ll tell you, a bunch of Rent Seeking Elites who get extremely rich by convincing their fellow citizens that they need hundreds of thousands of Laws, Regulations, and Taxes in order to live in Harmony with each other.

I beg to differ.  It seems to me that being forced to adhere to hundreds of thousands of Laws, Regulations, and Taxes causes Disharmony where none would otherwise exist.

It is time to face the Brutal Fact that we have been duped.  The Land of the Free is in reality the Land of Hundreds of Thousands of Laws, Regulations, and Taxes that prevent us from truly being Free and making the most of our limited time on this planet.

Where do we go from here?

  1. Admit we have a Problem
  2. Do Not Freak Out
  3. Start discussing ways to Peacefully get back on the Path to Peace and Prosperity.

Peer vs Critical Review

Hand holding a magnifying glass with blank space for design or text

The Scientific Method is not just a way to test and validate the universe around you. For career scientists, its a great way to avoid being humiliated in front of the whole world.

We can go into the detail on the first steps in The Method another time, for this exercise we’re going to focus on Peer Review. We’re going to take a lesson from a chemistry professor of mine back in college.

I can’t remember his name at the moment, but this professor explained Peer Review something like this;

“Peer Review is the best way to make sure you are not humiliated when you publish your work. Extremely smart people usually have extremely large egos. So when you publish something, you can expect the most ‘know it all egotistical asshole’ to rip you a new one up and down if you get something wrong. Professional Scientists are some of the meanest people you will ever meet and at least one of us will make you look like a fool if given the opportunity. By showing how dumb one of their peers is, that’s you, they get to show off how smart they are. That is simply part of the profession.”

“Now how do you avoid that?”, he went on, “You thoroughly test your hypothesis. You should actually try to falsify your own work and findings before you show it to anyone else. Try to find a way to break your hypothesis and when you have exhausted all your ideas, ask the smartest person you know to try to break it. That’s Peer Review. Good theories are hard to break and you should never publish an idea or theory without rigorous testing beforehand.” He always used that term, Rigorous, or Rigorously test.

“Once your smartest colleague fails to falsify your methods and results, then it is safe to publish. If your idea has a large impact on the scientific world, then you need to have at least a few of your very smart peers review your work before publishing. The bigger the claim, the more scrutiny and ridicule you will receive.”

Folks, that is how Peer Review works. The Scientific Method does not stop at Peer Review, it is followed up by Critical Review. Critical Review by the most ardent and egotistical skeptics that care to examine your work. The Scientific Method doesn’t even stop at Critical Review, in fact it is ‘never’ closed to further review. So long as there is someone who wants to take another look, there will be skepticism. Peer Review is just a smart gateway to use in order to keep yourself from being embarrassed. It’s the difference between Proof Reading your own writing and having someone else do it. It does not and should not determine the final Grade.

Climatologists are demanding that we stop and accept Peer Review as the final step in observing Anthropocentric Climate Change.  I find it somewhat amazing that Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity are up for scientific scrutiny, but the Green House Effect and Anthropocentric Global Warning is not.  Two well established theories that do a great job of prediction are up for scrutiny, but a mish-mash of partial hypotheses and theories that do a terrible job of predicting is not?

That’s what should be alarming to ‘scientists’ and the general public. Well, at least to people who take the Scientific Method and their Reputations seriously.

This should also be alarming to the Judge and Jurors in the upcoming Michael Mann Libel case.  I should hope that the Defendants’ lawyers bring this up.

Is it Your Fault the Climate is Changing?

The Climate is Changing, the Seas are Rising, and armies of Chicken Littles all over the world are organizing to make sure everyone knows that it is Unprecedented, Catastrophic, and most importantly all because of Your use of fossil fuels.

Or is it?

In a ‘discovery’ that has been around for years, but has only been recently publicized, we find that Sea Levels were 6-9 meters higher 125,000 years ago than they are today. For those not well versed in Paleo-geology, most of Earth’s last several million years has been in a deep freeze known as an Ice Age. Every 100,000 years or so it experiences warm periods known as Glacial Minimum or Inter-glacial. Today we are right dead in the middle of one of these Warm Periods.

Roll the clock back 125,000 years ago and we find another of these warm periods. Go back approximately another 125,000 years and we find another an so on for at least 2.5 million years. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in an Ice Age known as The Quaternary. This period in time is typically defined by the “cyclic growth and decay of continental ice sheets driven by Milankovitch cycles and the associated climate and environmental changes that occurred.”

We know that Greenland’s Ice Sheets, the glaciers that Climatologists are so concerned about melting because of humankind, nearly melted completely away during the last Inter-glacial period. It doesn’t take genius to figure out that is why the Sea Levels were 6-9 meters higher than they are today. Every Climatologist can tell you if Greenland’s Ice Sheets melt, then Sea Levels are going to rise 6-9 meters. It baffles me that they can’t make that connection.

From the American Institute of Physics;

In the last interglacial period, some 125,000 years ago, the planet had reached a temperature about as high as was likely to come from greenhouse warming in the next century or two. Back then, even though most of Antarctica had remained ice-covered, the sea level had been at least seven meters (more than 20 feet) higher than at present. This was about what would be expected if most of Greenland melted.


Take a moment and imagine that you are Alien Scientist visiting Earth today. Humans never evolved, no fossil fuels have been used, and CO2 levels never get above 280ppm as we see in historical records. You have been tasked with forecasting conditions for the next 500, 5000, 50000, and 125000 years in the future. You have all the same data for past and present conditions on Earth that we currently have in our possession.

I think most intelligent people/aliens would imagine that the cycle would repeat itself and conditions would follow a similar pattern as to what we see in the historical record. Greenland’s Ice Sheets are going to melt, Sea Levels are going to rise 6-9 meters (20-30 feet), then the Earth will start freezing again, New York will be under 1 mile of Ice again, then it will melt fairly rapidly, and then the process will repeat.

Now if you are a Climatologist, given the same data, it seems you would try to convince everyone that;

  1. Climate Changed Naturally for billions of years.
  2. That an Ice Age began 2.5 million years ago and has had several very cold and moderately warm periods.
  3. That Greenland’s Ice Sheets melted completely away without the influence of burning fossil fuels.
  4. That Sea Levels rose 6-9 meters higher than today without the influence of humankind.
  5. But, somewhere around 150 years ago the Climate Stopped Changing Naturally.
  6. Now it is Your Fault that the Climate Changes, Glaciers Melt, and that Sea Levels rise.

Don’t believe them for another moment.  The story of Chicken Little, or Henny Penny, has been around for more than 2,500 years. It seems that the phenomena of getting worked up into a hissy fit over very natural and easily mitigated events is nothing new.

It is time ladies and gentlemen to stop funding Chicken Little and get back to making the most of our lives while we can enjoy them.  It is time to reject the Nonsense that is known as Climate Science.

5 Reasons why Trump is beating the GOP Elite


  1. Because he is stating the obvious rather than trying to hide it.
  2. Because his primary audience is not the Elite and/or Entitled.
  3. Because we do not want the Most Conservative nor Most Liberal to be President.
  4. Because the GOP has been completely impotent in stopping unconstitutional policy.
  5. Because he is the most trustworthy.


  1.  First and foremost Trump is often telling like it is.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that immigration is a big problem for most Americans, especially Republicans.  There are few places in America today where you will not find a dozen or so Latinos loitering for a potential day job.  That seems like a great thing to someone looking for cheap labor, but that cheap labor comes at a higher price than is obvious.  American workers come with Workman’s Compensation bills, insurance concerns, and taxes so even if an American were to loiter there with the Latinos, there is a greater risk in hiring them than someone who can’t complain about injuries and/or safe working conditions.  Is sending them all back the solution?  Probably not, but at least he is not trying to cover up an obvious problem.

Same goes for terrorists. It is completely insane to bomb the hell out of a region and then invite the displaced to come live with you.  And when I say ‘you’ I don’t mean the Elite, because the displaced are not invited to the Elite’s neighborhoods, they are invited to live anywhere but the Elite’s neighborhoods.

2.  It is no secret Trump is part of the Elite crowd.  He lives a lavish lifestyle, but he doesn’t try to hide it or make it look less lavish.  What he is doing is something the GOP Elite have long ago abandoned, he is talking to those of us who don’t fit into the Elite or Entitled crowd.  He is talking to those who try hard to earn an honest living and despise the idea of the government taking care of them.

We don’t want handouts, we want a chance to compete for our fellow Americans’ needs for goods and services.  American Domestic Industry is saddled with 500+ Federal and State Agencies taxing and regulating us to the point that our costs to do business soar, and then our Dear Leaders create trade agreements that allow Foreigners to escape all the extra costs that we have no choice but to endure.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that making the Home Team pay all sorts of mostly arbitrary Domestic taxes will make providing Domestic goods and services too cost prohibitive to compete with our Foreign competitors.  It is no wonder why jobs are being off-shored, it is too expensive to compete domestically.  It’s like tying your fighter’s hands behind their back and then ringing the bell.  We’re getting slaughtered because the Rules are stacked against us, and ‘we’ make the rules!

3. It may be surprising to the Democrats and Republicans, but most of us are tired of the Cold Civil War that the D and R parties have waged for the last 150+ years.  Neither party stands for anything but their own wealth and power.  Both parties are consumed with trying to use government to solve problems that government interference typically exacerbates. Every 4 to 8 years we Americans have to endure each party trying to ‘fundamentally change’ the way things are done.  Imagine a company trying to do the same thing.  It doesn’t work.

News Flash Two Party System – You cannot legislate Morality, Generosity, or Safety.  When you try it only creates a series of inadequate and incomplete laws that lead to undesirable unintended consequences, and more inadequate and incomplete laws, and so on.  The Elite and Entitled are not hurt from all this as much as those of us in the middle.  Most of us are in the Middle.

We don’t want the most conservative or liberal telling us how to be moral, generous, or safe, but someone in the middle who shares ways to be those things is welcome to do so.  In addition, the term ‘conservative’ has lost all meaning.  It is far more associated with Social Conservatism than Fiscal, and most of us simply put Abortion and Gay Marriage at the bottom of our concerns.  Besides, these are issues that Government has shown to be inadequate to address, much less solve.  The term Liberal used to mean adhering to Limited Gov’t principles, but that changed in the 1930’s to mean Socialist.  We don’t need or want others forcing us to be moral or generous, in fact, we’d do both more easily without government’s ‘help’.

4. There is absolutely no reason to trust the so-called Republican Leadership.  The Grand Ole Party of Limited Government is a myth. It’s a legend that only exists in history books that have turned out to be fiction. The Republican Party actively destroys our Rights to Privacy and Justice while doing Nothing, Nada, Zip to stop other encroachments like Obamacare.  It is as if they have made a deal with the Democrats to give up our Rights in some areas so that the Democrats can erode our Rights in others.  No matter how well intentioned the most conservative Republicans end up being, they are impotent when it comes to defending what was once core American values.

5. For all the outlandish things that Trump has said, and there are many, he is the most trustworthy by far. This is largely due to point number 1.  In between the rhetoric, Trump often calls it like it is.  He shares many of our concerns and while I can trust him to do some things that I disagree with, I and many others feel he will at least try to accomplish many of the things we do agree on.

Lastly, the Republican Elite keep trying to push career Lawyer/Politicians on us.  Marco Rubio is a perfect example, he is the Obama of the Republican Party.  He has never had a job and he thinks he is experienced enough to lead a country?  Where do they find these people?  Hello??  Auto Mechanics are more trustworthy than Lawyers, and rightly so.  All auto-mechanics do not belong to a Monopoly (American Bar Association) that heavily profits by making thousands of laws and tax rules so complicated that no one can truly agree on what they all mean.

So take it from an actual Trump Supporter.  Most of us do not support racism, xenophobia, or the like. Most of us support him because we have finally figured out the Republican Party Elite are against us, not with us.

The End is Far,

Steve Morris